Bath & Room Accessories

“When you get into a hotel room, you lock the door, and you know there is a secrecy, there is a luxury, there is fantasy. There is comfort. There is reassurance.”

Diane Von Furstenberg

From the writing desk to the colour of the wall to the marble of your sink, your team of designers have worked tirelessly to bring to life the perfect experience for your guests and with our range of custom room accessories we help bring that experience all together.

Our collection of accessories are hand crafted and designed to fit seamlessly into your guest rooms, public areas, bathrooms or spas.

Let us design a complete collection that extends from the bedroom to the bathroom to create a seamless design.

We have complete accessory collections for your guest rooms, bathrooms, front of house and public areas.

Our accessories are custom-made to suit the interior design of your hotel rooms, bathrooms, public areas or spas. From waste bins, tissue boxes, mini bar trays, desk blotters and far, far beyond!

Bathroom & Vanity

Towel trays, oil burners, candle holders, coasters, vanity trays, amenity boxes, soap dishes, bath salt jars, tissue boxes, cotton bud jars and much more. Select from our wide range of vanity and amenity items to complete your guests’ experience in your resort.

Tissue Boxes

Rectangular or square “boutique” tissue box covers finished with a range of inlays, patterns and materials. Choose from a wide selection of materials to create you custom tissue boxes.

Waste Bins

 Ranging from small pedal bins to large standing bins for public spaces. Made from a variety of different finishes and materials including coco shell, mosaic shell, leather, rattan, wood and many more materials. Our range of bespoke waste bins will suit any hotel room.


Soap and gel dispensers made from resin, marble, stone, ceramic, wood or shell. Include your properties logo or design to personalise your items.

Say goodbye to single use plastic bottles and start using our refillable soap and gel dispensers.

Laundry Baskets

A wide variety of custom made laundry and soiled linen baskets and hampers to fit perfectly into your guest rooms. Can be made to match your other in-room accessories and blend seamlessly.


A large assortment of trays and tray jacks perfect for room service and in-villa dining. Add folding legs to give guests the perfect breakfast in bed.

We also make a wide range of floating trays for pool dining experiences. To view our collection of floating trays please see Restaurant Accessories

Ice Buckets

Custom designed ice buckets made from wood, resin, rattan, metal, leather, shell and even natural coconuts!

Bags, Hats & Sandals

Beach bags, slippers, sandals and hats made from a range of natural hand woven fibres and fabrics to ensure your guests have a comfortable day at the beach or in town. Customise your sandals, beach bags or hats with your logo, branding or colour scheme.

Miscellaneous Room Accessories

Tea and coffee boxes, amenity consoles, magazine racks, jewelry trays, stationery and note pad holders, blotters, remote control holders, compendiums, fruit presentation, custom key rings and many more room accessories to complete your guests’ experience at your hotel.

Wardrobe Accessories

We produce a range of wardrobe accessories designed for your guests’ comfort. Coat hangers, fans, shoe boxes, laundry bags, slippers, wardrobe dividers, umbrellas, shoe horns and shoe brushes, laundry and hair dryer bags, jewelry trays, shoe trays and more. 

Front Office & Public Areas

We have a large selection of front of house and public area accessories such as standing waste bins, ashtrays, candles, wet floor signs, umbrella stands and more. Speak to us about finding the perfect item for your front office, lobby, bathroom and other spaces.



A range of different colours and materials to choose from to customise your room accessories.


Include your logos and wording personalise your individual room accessories.

Personalised design

If you already have a design or graphic that you would like to incorporate into your accessories we can make it a reality.