Restaurant Accessories

“People who love to eat are always the best people.”

Julia Childs

From custom menus made from wood, leather, shell, tree bark, intricately woven rattan or minimal ikat, to place mats, coasters, sustainable bamboo straws, recycled drinking glasses and buffet risers.

Our range of restaurant and F&B accessories expands to all areas of your restaurant to help you create a dining experience your guests will remember.

So contact us now to enquire about creating a unique collection of Food and Beverage or restaurant accessories for your property.

We have complete accessory collections for your restaurant or F&B outlet

Our accessories are custom-made to suit the operational needs of your restaurant and make the dining experience seamless and enjoyable for guests and staff alike.

Buffet Items

A range of items for your buffet display, including custom buffet risers, platters, food nets and domes, salad bowls, name card holders, serving spoons, fruit displays, trays and more. Contact us to design your bespoke buffet collection.

Wine Coolers

Wine coolers and buckets in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit single bottles or entire displays of your finest vintages. Made from a range of different materials and in a multitude of colours. Our custom wine buckets are the perfect dining accessory

Snap-worthy; Floating Trays & Afternoon Tea

A range of floating trays and afternoon tea displays that will make even the most experienced Instagrammer’s jaws drop and have them grabbing their cameras. Our floating trays can be customised to meet your size requirements or you can select from our size guide, we can also make custom shapes and colour arrangements. Our high tea displays can be designed to suit your needs in terms of size, material and colour.

If you would like to see more of our service tray designs, please click here

Bread  Baskets

A wide range of bread baskets to choose from and design your own custom bread basket. Natural rattan or wood, ceramic, copper, stone or shell bread baskets to compliment the decor of your restaurant.

Recycled Glass

We can produce custom recycled glassware for your restaurant with several different finishes such as spun or crackled glass. All of our glassware is made from 100% recycled glass and has a lovely sea-green tint.

Tabletop Items

Salt and pepper pots, sauce pots, candle holders, cutlery caddies, cutlery holders, face towel trays toothpick jars, coasters, placemats, napkin rings and much more. Our wide and varied collection of tabletop accessories in a range of different materials including wood, stone and brass will complete your art de la table and create a beautiful dining experience for your guests.


A wide range of custom menus made from a variety of materials including wood, leather, copper or aluminium and utilising various design methods to create a bespoke menu for your restaurant. Customise the shape and size of your menus for your beverage menus or dessert menus, create a unique collection that reflects your dining experience.

To see our full range of menus and various materials, please click here



A range of different colours and materials to choose from to customise your restaurant and food and beverage accessories.


Include your logos and custom artwork to personalise your restaurant accessories.

Interior Layouts

From single page cocktail lists to multi-page menus we have a wide range of interior layouts to choose from.