Menus & Folders

“The perfect meal starts the moment your guest picks up a menu”

Tarka Rose

Having worked with hotels and restaurants for over 30 years we have developed a range of designs to accommodate the varied needs of our clients, ranging from single page menus and clip-boards, to multi-page gatefold menus and everything in between.

Our folders can be covered in any material of your choosing such as wood, leather or shell, with a wide variety of patterns and colours as well as custom designs printed or lasered directly onto the material in order to give you a truly unique product.

Design a full collection of matching food, wine, dessert menus and matching bill folders. We will design a collection based on visuals of your outlets to make a set that is unique to you and blends seamlessly with your property.

We have complete custom menu and room folder collections for your unique needs

Our menus and folders are custom-made to your covering, size & interior layout requirements. Matching single boards, bi- and tri-folders, wine lists & bill folders. Please refer to Customising: Finishes, Logos & Interior Layouts. 

Room folder collections can include directory, stationary, in-villa dining, mini bar, notepad and remote control holders.

 If you would like to check out our full range of material swatches please visit our Swatchcards page

All of the folder designs you see here can be used either in your F&B outlets, rooms or spas and the interior layout can be adjusted to suit your purposes with screw, clip or ring binders.

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Wood  Covers

Recycled and rustic woods, triplex & MDF in various tones finished with a tough melamine coating. They can be combined with leather, shell, glass, metal, etc and customised with many logo options. We can also offer many beautiful veneers such as burl, ebony, zebrano and many more

Metal  Covers

Bring a touch of modern luxury to your folder designs with our bespoke metal inlays. Unique, contemporary and hard-wearing covers made from a range of metals such as copper, aluminum and steel. All of our metals are available in dimpled, woven and antique styles.

Printed  & Lasered  Covers

We can take any picture, design or motif and create a truly unique folder for you. Bring your brand’s personality through to your folder design and add your own personal touches. We can print and laser on many different mediums such as canvas, leatherette or wood.

Glass, Mirror & Shell

A range of natural shells and mosaic coloured or mirrored glass to cover or inset into your folder. Add a new dimension to your custom menu or room directory design with these unique finishes.

Cut-out  Covers

Custom made covers hand or laser-cut on wood, MDF, triplex and laminates in different designs and overlaid over textile, faux or genuine leather or other materials all finished with a tough melamine coating. The design could match a detail in your restaurant or room to give them a truly bespoke look.

Natural  Fibres & Weaves

In Indonesia we are blessed with a wealth of natural fibres and the skilled artisans who know how to weave these fibres by hand into beautiful designs. Our natural fibres are locally sourced materials such as rattan, lontar leaf, pandan, water hyacinth and bamboo among others. Truly unique for your resort, restaurant or spa

Coco Shell & Other Laminates

Beautiful mosaics of coco shell, cinnamon, bamboo and other laminates for your folders. Choose from a vast range of different mosaic patterns all hand-crafted to create an exclusive, luxury look for your folders.

Room Folders

In-room dining, guest directory, remote control holder, mini bar menu and other items for your guest rooms to ensure that your guests have everything at their fingertips and want for nothing during their stay with you. Our room folders can be designed to match any interior and to compliment your other room collections so that you have a seamless collection.



A wide range of custom finishes for our many different materials. From whitewashed rattan, to antiqued copper or hand dimpled aluminium – we will help make your custom folders truly YOU.


Add your logo or motif to make your folders truly yours. Using a variety of techniques such as lasering, embossing or printing, we can add you logo or bespoke motif to any accessory.

Personalised design

Whether your menus are 1, 5 or 50 pages, we have a range of layouts that will suit your every need. Add pockets for special promos or magnets to easily swap out your pages.