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Let us create a unique accessory collection that creates a perfect design experience for your guests. Folders that match your waste bins which compliment your amenity trays that perfectly fit with your tissue boxes.

Our team of designers will help create a unique, bespoke collection of accessories that reflects your brand.

Below is a small sampling of some of the many accessory collections (over 100 unique collections) that we have made for our clients over the years.

Beaten Copper Collection

This beautiful collection of hand-beaten copper accessories brings an art deco and modern feel to your room or restaurant.

Our patina copper items are beautifully coloured and you can combine the lovely green patina exterior with a polished copper interior to add a flare of colour and glitz.

These items are hard-wearing yet beautifully crafted and can be customised to your requirements.

Whitewashed  Rattan Bedeg

Rattan is a beautiful, natural material to have around your property as it bring an unmistakable sense of being hand crafted and has a wonderful texture. Rattan is such a versatile material and can be woven into a wide range of shapes and finishes to suit many different functions. Rattan is a fast growing and sustainable material that is widely used in Indonesia due to its versatility and durability.

This collection includes; Menu, room folder, waste bin and tissue box however we can expand the collection to include any accessories you may require. To see how we can incorporate rattan into other folder and accessory designs visit our Natural Fibres and Weaves page or browse through our many accessory collections.

Cross-sectioned  Teakwood Collection

This beautiful collection perfectly showcases the rich texture of Indonesian Teak with the added dimenions of the smaller cross sections which give it a wonderful, rustic aesthetic. 

The natural wood finish brings a unique, natural touch to any space and can be matched with a number of different interior design elements.

This collection includes; turndown tray, waste bin, tissue box, soap dish, umbrella stand, ice bucket and tongs, and gel dispenser. However we can always add to the collection to include any items that you might require.

Resin Terrazzo & Wood

Grey resin terrazzo with natural wood components to provide a solid a two-tone, semi-industrial yet minimalistic design that can blend effortlessly into your interior design.

Our resin terrazzo items are long-lasting, durable and practical for guests and staff alike.

All of our items can be sized to your requirements and we can also customise shape and design to suit your needs.

Bingin Collection

This collection of teak and ply wood accessories is beautiful with its soft, light colours. By epoxy spraying the sides with a copper finish we achieve the look of copper while being mindful of budgets, making this the perfect collection for clients looks for a beautiful yet economic collection.

The collection can include any number of bespoke accessories and can include your property’s logo.

We can change the highlight colour to match your brand

Modern Beaten Aluminium

Black and silver. A modern, minimalist design that speaks of refinement and luxury while also being hard-wearing and practical.

This collection of beaten aluminium and blackened wood accessories is the perfect addition to your chic decor.

Add silver fruit platters to complete the collection or ice buckets for your guests to enjoy a chilled drink on the rocks after a day exploring your beautiful city or island.

Woven Pandan Collection

The natural woven pandan collection is a lovely addition to any room that wants to add a touch of nature.

Pandan is a sustainable material that is locally sourced and can be used for a wide variety of room, food and beverage, and spa accessories.

Whitewashed  Ply Wood with Inlay of Ceramic Tiles

This beautiful collection can be customised to a very high degree with different coloured tiles and various colour washes for the wood and can be designed to match any space. We can match this collection with your room tiles or pool tiles for your pool bar or public space.

This collections includes; waste bin, tissue box, amenity box, amenity tray with oil jars, and gel dispenser

Synthetic Leather with Lasered Detailing

Synthetic leather is a fantastic material which offers the look and feel of genuine leather at a more economic price point. It is incredibly durable and easy to maintain and can be found in a number of colours to better suit your space. Further customise your synthetic leather collection through laser-engraving by adding your motif or branding to your accessory collection to better tie-in with your interior design.

This collection include; room folder, remote control holder, tissue box, notepad holder, blotter, towel or laundry box, turndown tray, and waste bin.

2-Tone Wood  Veneer with Zebrano

This MDF collection with contrasting veneer in wood and zebrano patterns bring an element of modern nature to your room collection and can be expanded to include any number of different accessories for your various spaces.

You can further customise your collection by adjusting the size and location of the zebrano strip to create a unique collection that better reflects your property.

This collection includes; tissue box, dispenser, small amenity tray, oil burner, amenity box, waste bin, turndown tray. If we don’t have what you’re looking for then contact us to find out how we can create the perfect collection for you.

Beaten Aluminiun and Colourful Fabric

Add a splash of colour to your rooms with these playful yet modern collection of folders, amenity boxes, tissue boxes and other hotel accessories. The collection can be expanded to include any number of different room accessories or restaurant items and you can select from a wide range of colours to perfectly match your concept.

Woven Resin Mesh with Wood

Resin is such a great and diverse material. This collection is beautifully textured and feels good to the touch while also looking great in your guest room or bathroom.

Combine the resin with wood or metal to add some contrast.

The collection can be expanded to include a range of different bathroom accessories or guest bedroom accessories such as waste bin, flower vase, towel tray, toothbrush holder, soap and gel dispenser, amenity box and more.

Wood & Resin Terrazzo Collection

Natural teak wood is a durable and beautiful material that can fit with almost any interior. Combine this with our high quality resin terrazzo to create a bespoke collection combining the natural tones of wood with the sandy colour of the resin terrazzo to give your guests that natural feeling.

Our collections can be expanded to include any number of items for your guest rooms, restaurants, spas and other outlets and can include dispensers, trays, tissue boxes, towel trays, amenity boxes and more!

MDF and Lacquer

Lacquer ware has a beautiful soft texture to it and is the perfect finishing to give you space a clean, modern look. We can colour the lacquer in any number of different combinations and tones to better suit your space.

This collection includes; amenity tray, tissue box, amenity box, sanitary box, cotton bud box, dispenser tray, recycled glass tumblers, resin dispensers, and resin soap dish.

Our lacquer ware has a higher MOQ than our other collections, speak to us to find out more.

Mother of Pearl

Mother of pearl is a beautiful, captivating material that catches the light and shows off its unique features. Hand carved tiles make up the exterior of this beautiful collection and can be cut into a number of shapes including triangles and hexagons.

Create a complete collection with either full face or inset mother of pearl trimmings to suit your needs.

This collection includes; amenity tray, soap dish, bottle holder, towel tray, dispensers, cotton bud jar, amenity box, tissue box.

Marble Accessory Collection

Create a collection of beautifully crafted marble items for your bathrooms, spa or  guest rooms. Marble is such a wonderful material and to have marble hotel accessories adds a touch of luxury and refinement.

Our marble accessories are hand crafted to suit your needs and can include any number of custom accessories for your hotel or resort.

You can combine your marble accessories with wood or other materials to add some highlights. Or you can engrave your marble accessories with your custom motif or logo to make them truly unique.

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