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Spa Accessories

“It’s a good idea always to do something relaxing before making an important decision in your life.”

Paulo Coelho

Ensure that your guests have a relaxing, rejuvenating and memorable experience in your Spa and keep them coming back for more pampering.

We have a comprehensive collection of spa accessories including foot ritual bowls, face towel trays, water ladles, incense burners, oil jars and more.

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We have complete accessory collections for your spa

Spa combo

Towel trays, oil burners, candle holders, coasters, vanity trays, amenity boxes, soap dishes, bath salt jars, tissue boxes, cotton bud jars and much more. Select from our wide range of vanity and amenity items to complete your guests’ experience in your resort.

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A range of different colours and materials to choose from to customise your spa accessories.


Include your logos and wording personalise your individual room accessories.

Personalised design

If you already have a design or graphic that you would like to incorporate into your accessories we can make it a reality.